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Welcome Home!
After a homecoming celebration in Midland, Texas (their childhood home) & a quick event when they land at the airport in Waco, President & Mrs. Bush are finally at home at their Ranch in Crawford! Thanks to the thousands of people who turned out at the events on their Welcome Home Tour! They are now back in their state where they are truly loved.
Personally, yesterday was both a happy and sad day. Happy they are coming home and we may be able to see them around Central Texas, but sad that we don't have third terms in the USA. It was also the final time for me to be able to volunteer for the Bush White House. What a ride it has been, even in a very small way! Thank you Mr. President! Thanks to all you well wishers stopping by, Valerie
For those wishing to send best wishes to President and Mrs. Bush we have set up a dedicated email address to which you may do so. Please use this address rather my business email as my box is overflowing with warm wishes to the first family! We will be happy to deliver them to the President! Thank you so much! Here is the address to use: [email protected] If you wish to send a note by mail: Prairie Chapel Ranch, Crawford, TX 76638.

Welcome to Crawford, Texas...

Hometown of President George W. Bush!

Crawford has changed quite a lot since the President and First Lady purchased their 1600 acre Prairie Chapel Ranch from the Engelbrecht family in 1999. Dubbed "The Western White House," where once the buildings were closed and boarded up, now tourists and townsfolk sip their morning coffee and stroll the sidewalks of this reborn little town.

Several gift shops have sprung up along the main street. One shop (now closed) was in the oldest building still remaining in the downtown district. Built in 1894 to house the S.E. Powell & Son's General Store with The Mason's meeting on the second floor. The Crawford Post Office moved there in 1910 and remained there until about thirty years ago and boarded up since. Now the original windows are open again and customers are walking on those old slat boards on the floor. When perfectly quiet, you can actually hear the mortar lightly falling from between the old bricks like whispers from the past. You are welcomed into the building to shadow the steps of some of the original town's people and purchase items emblazoned with the name of it's most famous resident. On May 3, 2003 the steps of the shop were crossed by Australian Prime Minister John Howard, making him the first foreign leader to actually visit the people of Crawford in the business district. He chose to make this historic building his first stop, purchasing a "Friends and Allies" coffee mug as a gift for British Prime Minister Tony Blair's 50th Birthday. (See photos and information on the 'Foreign Visits' page and at

President Bush has been known to visit the small coffee shops in town and has mingled with residents and posed for photos, with Secret Service agents standing nearby. The President has stopped by on his way to the golf course for coffee and shooting the breeze with 'Bugger' and the morning coffee gang at the Crawford Fina Station which was owned by Stan and Kathy Nagel at the time.

Bush has made The Coffee Shop in nearby McGregor a tourist attraction on it's own by visiting there several times and even negotiating and going over the details of his purchase of the ranch in their back room. The Coffee Shop has since catered to the president and the press when they are in town. There is a large collection of exclusive photographs on display of the First Family as well as superstar McGregor native Jessica Simpson (even photos of Jessica with the George W Bush stand-up... "just like the tourist do" ) displayed there. It is now the home of Western White House Gifts.

On Crawford's main street, the beloved old cottonwood tree that once graced the corner before meeting it's fate with a chainsaw to expose a new enterprise by a Waco entrepreneur, gained state wide attention as the lead into a cover story in Texas Monthly Magazine's November 2002 issue. A good deal of the town's residents still get upset at the mention of the loss of the tree that graced the corner for as far back as anyone can remember.

The tiny old jail in it's tin shed still sits on a plot of land just off the main road. The craftsmanship of the flat steel bars and the size of the area law breakers were kept in is a must see when in town. Imagine the heat inside the building on those hot Texas August days!

President Bush may not have been born here, but he chose Crawford as his home town! That's even better!

Please view the photo tours of Crawford!


In Honor of Our Men and Women Serving our Country
"It is the soldier, not the reporter,
Who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet,
Who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,
Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
It is the soldier,
Who salutes the flag,
Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who allows the protester to burn the flag."

Father Dennis E. O'Brien, USMC


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Please visit Western White House Gifts for Bush Presidential Memorabilia, Crawford souvenirs and much, much more! Now exclusively inside the Coffee Shop in McGregor!

Be sure to visit The Coffee Shop Cafe in McGregor
The original Coffee Shop President Bush visited... just minutes from the ranch and Crawford

President Bush gives Fox News a tour of the ranch

Laura Bush talks about her conservation project at their ranch

Click photo to go to USA FREEDOM CORPS website
Pres. Bush asks America to donate money to the KATRINA FUND with Bush 41 and Pres. Clinton.



Be sure to visit The Coffee Shop Cafe in McGregor
The original Coffee Shop President Bush visited... just minutes from the ranch and Crawford

The coffee pot is always on and coconut pie is ready and waiting for you in McGregor, Mr. President.

Donald Citrano's
Coffee Shop Cafe'
named one of the
 by Texas Monthly Magazine!


39 Texas Monthly Magazine employees visited over 350 cafe's across 24,000 miles in 5 months to choose the
We are excited to have made such a distinguished list!
We Thank You, our friends and neighbors, for your support over the years. You are a big part of our success!
Donald & Valerie Citrano

Welcome Home buttons available at Western White House Gifts inside The Coffee Shop or online

Latest News:

July 17, 2008
Howard Dean stumps for Obama in Crawford
More on the CRAWFORD NEWS page


June 2008
New 'Texans at the Republican National Convention' Blog
I was very honored to be chosen as a delegate to the National Convention representing President Bush's home county! In order to share the happenings at the convention, I have created a new blog 'TEXANS AT THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION' , a group on Facebook with lots of articles in the media that might be of interest at .
THANKS! Valerie Duty Citrano

It will be a Western White House Wedding for first daughter Jenna Bush!

Click the photo to read all about Jenna and Henry's Crawford wedding!



The Western White House Easter Egg Roll for Military Families
 will be held at the Crawford Elementary School March 22, 2008. A free day of food, fun, games and entertainment for Central Texas military families when they present their military ID.

Crawford welcome to Cindy & her supporters...

Sunday, August 6, 2006
Cindy to Crawford residents: you "just need to relax a little bit and learn to live with us"
Crawford to Cindy: It's time to Move On!

Several buildings in Crawford's downtown business district are
Please e-mail [email protected] for information.
Serious inquiries only please!


August 31, 2005
Goodbye Cindy!
Photos from the final day of Cindy Sheehan's Crawford siege

See how Crawford supports our troops and President Bush on the front lines of the August Sheehan siege
Visit our Support our Troops and President & Crawford Texas Protest photos pages to learn more about Camp Reality as well as Cindy Sheehan's Camp Casey


In Loving Memory of Spotty Bush....
Born March 17, 1989 .... Gone to Heaven February 21, 2004 Sign the condolence book on Spot's page.

President George W. Bush answering reporters questions in downtown Crawford.

Donald Citrano,Valerie Duty and Randy Crook (in back with glasses) with the President and First Lady

Inside a Crawford restaurant August 8, 2001 meeting with farmers before signing a farm bill.

Coffee at the Fina Station

Train rolling through Crawford. You can hear the faint whistle at the Bush ranch.

Visit Texas Monthly and read the Nov 2002 article on CRAWFORD!

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