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With the 'pool' (Thanks for the photo Otto!)

Photos taken during my career as a professional photographer. I will try to rotate some of my favorites periodically. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I have had taking them!
Welcome to all! My name is Valerie Duty Citrano. I have been a freelance photographer off and on over the last twenty-five years while owning a retail business and working for the McGregor Schools in the computer field. Sports photography (especially Major League Baseball) has been my primary focus, until George W. Bush became President. I now own Western White House Gifts, a retail and wholesale business that carries Crawford souvenirs and Presidential memorabilia.
I've enjoyed giving back to our Central Texas community by volunteering in various organizations like McGregor-Oglesby-Crawford Little League, past President of McGregor Youth Baseball, McGregor Chamber of Commerce, past President of McGregor Parent-Teacher Organization, and sat on the McGregor Athletic Booster Club and the Historic Waco Foundation Fort House boards. I was the Official photographer for the Texas Sports Hall of Fame and the Texas State Little League tournaments.
I have volunteered for the McLennan County Republican Party along with helping several Republican candidates (beginning with George Bush Sr. when he ran against Reagan in their bid for the presidency.) I currently am a Republican Party of McLennan County Executive Committee member, Public Relations Chairman, Precinct Chair and Texas Federation of Republican Women SD 22 District Director. I speak across the state on issues related to the war on terror and Republican activism.
I led a Pro-Bush rally at the Crawford showing of Michael Moore's film against President Bush. Our group didn't wimp out and stay in downtown Crawford. We went into the "lions den" and confronted the film and it's lies head on. When Cindy Sheehan came to Crawford in August 2005, I saw the need to organize the Pro-Bush and troops side of Prairie Chapel Road, so I spent 21 days in the ditch opposing her. When Sheehan came back to Crawford for Thanksgiving, we organized Operation Helping Hands and sent two truck loads of packages to Afghanistan for our US troops and a school they adopted in the northern hills of that country. When we heard she intended to come again at Easter in 2006, I founded and organized the first Western White House Easter Egg Roll for military families which is an annual event.
I was honored to have been elected as the alternate Delegate from President Bush's home county to the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City where I was selected to serve on an economic panel for women in small business.
I was also honored to serve on the Mighty Texas Strike Force with my friend Dot Snyder. We were part of a team that volunteered for Bush-Cheney '04 in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, a Republican strong hold close to Milwaukee. We were so happy when it was announced that Waukesha County had the largest voter turnout in the country with 97.6 percent. We were proud to have even a small hand in their success.
Most importantly, I've been raising my four children. My son Loyd attends Baylor University and is a graduate of RHEMA Bible School with a degree in ministry. My daughters, Hilary and Ashley, both attend McLennan Community College. Ashley is pursuing her degree in management and Hilary in nursing.  Christopher is in Middle School.
I recently married my best friend, Donald Citrano, after being together for almost eight years. We went on our first date the day that then Governor Bush visited Donald's restaurant, The Coffee Shop in McGregor, where George and Laura met with realtors to discuss the purchase of the ranch. It was also Donald's birthday, April 10, 1999. We were married at Canaan Baptist Church in the Prairie Chapel community of Crawford on September 1, 2007. Our wedding website is if you would like to visit.

Friend & advisor Karen Hughes pauses to reflect after Bush's portrait is hung in the Texas Capitol.

Whenever I have had the opportunity to welcome President Bush home he  replies, "I love my ranch."
The mainstream media never quite portrayed Crawford the way it really is. That's why I decided to develop this web site.
Having lived in the area for most of my life, I  hope this site gives visitors a glimpse of the Crawford that President Bush fell in love with enough to call his home. We certainly fell in love with our president!
I hope you fall in love with Crawford, Texas too!
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History and information about President George W. Bush's hometown...Crawford, Texas.
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