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President Bush after a run on the ranch (WH)

Spot and Barney love to visit their Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford!
Spot has been known to try to catch fish with President Bush in the lake. President Bush says, "I'll go fishing, and Spot will be out in the middle of the lake. Either chasing the lure or chasing a grasshopper or chasing something." It feels great to jump into the cool water on those hot 100 degree days! The President doesn't seem to mind the heat. He never seems to stay still while at the ranch. He usually starts the day by bringing the First Lady her coffee and reading lots of newspapers. Sometimes he will go running with Barney and Spot on the prairie. It's hard to keep up! They say he runs a three minute mile. All I know is that a lot of Marines and other people in uniforms have a very hard time not giving up and falling along side the road. The ones that do finish with the President get a T-shirt that says "100 Degree Club" and they are very happy! I think they are all thirsty, they pant just like us!


Kenneth Engelbrecht and President Bush take a break while clearing brush(WH)

President Bush LOVES to clear brush way back on the back of the ranch by Rainey Creek. The creek runs into the Middle Bosque River. This part is very plush with huge oak trees, box canyons, caves, bluffs and a waterfall that drops about 100 feet! The best thing is all the wildlife to play with! There are lots of deer and wild turkey that are fun to chase!
"I love to get in the pickup truck with my dogs as the sun is setting" and drive around the ranch, says President Bush.  They look for game... not to hunt, just to find. Spot loves chasing birds. Barney especially likes chasing armadillos!
The President is chopping down lots of small scruffy looking bushes that make it hard to walk around out there. He uses a very loud chain saw and people watch him really hard and seem kind of nervous while he is doing this. Then he and Kenneth pile up the brush and set it on fire. They watch it until it goes out and always have water ready in case the fire gets out of hand. They say that children and dogs should not play with fire! Your fur will get singed!
Thank goodness that we can play in the lake and cool off after all this work!


The First Lady likes the ranch too!
She has worked very hard on making it a great home! She filled the grounds around the house with native Texas grasses and wildflowers for us to play in. Thanks to Laura's hard work, we have new birds called quail that have come to the ranch and like to eat the grass. They are fun to chase!
The President and First Lady talk about how they recycle rain water runoff and waste water , and have a geothermal heating system. They also use alternative fules around the ranch in the truck we get to ride around in and other vehicles too. The ranch is environmentally friendly!



When we have to leave our home in Texas we fly on the Marine One helicopter to the airport in Waco. Then we hop on Air Force One with the Bush's to head back to the White House in Washington, DC. There are a lot of people and noise that can be very distracting to dogs. Sometimes we need a little directing to go the right  way!



A dog's gotta go when a dog has to GO! Even if it holds up Air Force One!

Sometimes, a dog just has to go...
Air Force One sits on the TSTC tarmac in Waco, just out of view in this photo. Everyone was on board when all of a sudden the door opens and presidential pooch Spot prances down the stairs with an Air Force One purser carrying an umbrella. It was pouring down rain, but a 'pit-stop' was necessary for Spot Bush before the plane took off for Washington, DC!



February 21, 2004
Spotty Bush had been a loving and faithful companion to the Bush family for nearly fifteen years.  Spot died today.
A White House statement said "A loyal and loving companion, Spot was a beloved member of the Bush family for nearly 15 years. She will be missed." The statement went on to say that the first family was "deeply saddened" by Spot's passing.
The English springer spaniel was put to sleep at the advise of her Veterinarian at about 1:30 pm today. Spot had suffered from several strokes over the last few months, including one this week.
Spot was born in the White House during President Bush's fathers term of office on March 17, 1989 the daughter of Millie Bush. Spotty was thus the second generation pet of a second generation President! The only Presidential pet to be born in the White House and return to live there again... eight years later.
Her remains will be taken to the president's Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas for burial.
(We will all miss Spot Bush. She was always the first one down the steps of Air Force One ahead of the president, across the tarmac and onto Marine One. Spot obviously knew she was on her way home to the ranch she loved to play and chase birds at in Crawford. She had such confidence and grace about her. My personal condolences to the family and to Barney and Willie who surly will miss their play companion too.)
If you would like to write a note of condolences to the first family, you may do so with the link below. I will forward the appropriate notes onto them. Please only condolences.... this is not for political statements or financial promotion purposes!
The original guestbook on this site was filled with terrible things said from protesters and such and I had to take it down. I reserve the right to take this one down as well if rude vulgar things are written again. I reserve the right to remove anything I personally deem not meeting all the above criteria. It's a shame I have to do this, but I will! Condolences only please! This is a kid friendly site!
(Because of the vulgar language being left at the moment by supporters of Cindy Sheehan, you will not be able to view the condolence page. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

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I'll miss you on the tarmac, Spotty!

Learn more about Spot and Barney at the Presidential Pet Museum!

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