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Photos from Cindy Sheehan's camp sites and the Pro-Bush and Troops Camp Reality across the road.

"I GIVE A SHEET" Pro-Bush and Troops Rally held Friday August 19, 2005

Sheets with signatures of support for the President were delivered to a White House staffer

Pro-Bush and Troops "I give a sheet" rally held in Crawford at the Community Center was attended by an estimated 150 Bush supporters from Central Texas, Georgia and Oklahoma. White bed sheets were signed by approximately 3700 people with notes of encouragement to President Bush. Supporters then marched down Prairie Chapel Road and delivered the folded sheets tied with yellow ribbons to White House representative Bill Burck Friday, August 19, 2005.
The rally and delivery of the handwritten messages, as you can see, was covered by national media but not widly reported. The photographers in the photo are Jason Reed with Reuters and Matt Otero with the Associated Press. Reed did move photos from the event, but AP did not. There were at least 30 reporters that covered the rally.

The sheets were accepted at the barricade by a White House staffer

The sheets were accepted on behalf of the President by Bill Burck, a White House staffer at the barricade leading to President Bush's ranch on Prairie Chapel Road.

Organizers of "I GIVE A SHEET" Pro-Bush rally in Crawford.

Organizers of the Pro-Bush, Pro-Military "I GIVE A SHEET" prayer vigil and rally stand on Prairie Chapel Road after delivering bed sheets filled with notes of support for President Bush. L-R Jeanie Cosper, Eve Tidwell, Valerie Duty and Mark Voss

CAMP REALITY... Pro-Bush and Troops side of Prairie Chapel Road located directly across from Cindy Sheehan's original Camp Casey


Dedicated Camp Reality volunteers lined Prairie Chapel Road with BUSH COUNTRY, IM4W and SUPPORT OUR TROOPS signs which were donated by They began at Pro-Bush Camp Reality and wound their way for several miles up the road and across from the long row of crosses set up as a make shift memorial to fallen soldiers at Cindy Sheehan's Camp Casey I.

Pro-Bush & Troops signs line the road across from crosses set up by Sheehan's Camp Casey

grassfireteam08252005.jpg donated signs, our tent, tables, chairs, food and much, much more! THANKS GRASSFIRE!

Raising our colors.... the American Flag at Camp Reality Friday August 26, 2005

Our central tent at Camp Reality (August 26, 2005)

The large AMERICA STANDS WITH YOU sign once encouraged soldiers in Kuwait City on their way to Iraq

9-11 survivor , Earl Johnson rests on a quiet evening at Camp Reality (August 26, 2005)

Saturday August 27, 2005
On the front lines in Crawford, Texas
Pro-Bush, Pro-Military supporters came out by the thousands over the final weekend of Cindy Sheehan's Crawford siege.
Our red Camp Reality T-shirts said it best ...
You've made your point,
now it's time to MOVE ON!
The silent majority has spoken and loudly!

Pro-Bush, Pro-Military supporters line Prairie Chapel Road and engage with anti-war protesters


Taking a needed break in the shade from the 110 degree Texas heat (August 27, 2005)

A donated pallet of water with special SUPPORT OUR TROOPS labels was delivered to our trench


Earl Johnson was on the 51st floor of the first tower hit of the World Trade Center on 9-11 and escaped down the stairs before the tower fell. Many New York fire fighters passed him going up the stairwell to rescue those trapped inside. They never made it back down. Earl took the opportunity to share his heroic story with a Junior High class and the High School juniors and seniors while in Crawford. He and his wife now live in Washington state.

The original Camp Reality crew

A strong wind storm came out of nowhere knocking down tents and made a mess of everything

Even during a bad storm, Bush supporters still drove up to Camp Reality

Sunday August 28, 2005
Sign banter and flower ceremony
Sunday was still very busy with a new group of Bush supporters visiting Camp Reality. One of the mother's that lost her son in ithe war stayed with us again Sunday. There was heavy sign banter throughout the day with each side responding to the others messages on the other sides signs.
Al Sharpton and Martin Sheen visited Cindy's Camp Casey 2. Sharpton rolled his vehicle's  window down and gave us the peace sign as he drove past Camp Reality. Sunday afternoon, Cindy followers attached roses to the white crosses in a ceremony that lasted well over a hour with each participant walking down Prairie Chapel Road individually.



Crawford twins show their support for President Bush

Former Green Beret shows his dislike for the anti-war protesters

Camp Casey l flower ceremony:

Camp Casey flower ceremony being directed by Ann Wright (August 28, 2005)

Each person attached flowers to crosses one at a time in a ceremony Sunday

Sheriff' deputy's stood guard for each Camp Casey participant in the flower ceremony

Ex-Marine Jeff Key

Camp Casey l wedding
There were two weddings held at Cindy's Camp Casey's on Sunday, one at each camp. Camp Reality members looked on as this wedding couple had their portrait taken in front of their BUSH, TALK TO CINDY banner.

Wedding portrait at Camp Casey

August 31, 2005
Goodbye Cindy!
The final day of Cindy Sheehan's Crawford siege

Marine One flies over Camp Reality on its way to pick up President Bush at his ranch

Cindy Sheehan places an AMERICA STANDS WITH CINDY sticker on her Impeach Bush bus

Cindy boarded the same bus she came to Crawford in and waved goodbye to the small crowd

Finally leaving Crawford...and having to pass ALL those PRO-BUSH signs along the road!

Some of the Camp Reality participants on the final day...we were there to say GOODBYE CINDY!

Camp Reality donates a truck load of water to the Red Cross for hurricane Katrina relief


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